VW 3-D Printing Center

VW Builds Into the Future With New 3D Printing Center

Now that VW has announced the opening of their new 3-D printing center at their Wolfsburg facility, it’s a good time to take a look at where 3-D printing technologies are, currently. The center brings “the most highly advanced generation of 3-D printers to the Volkswagen Group“. Partnering with HP, VW plans to 3-D print […]

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Pop.up Next

Audi, Airbus and Italdesign Introduce the Pop.Up Next Flying Taxi

Yes, we’ve all been yearning for flying cars since we walking out of the original Bladerunner movie. That flick ironically took place in November of 2019. That’s next year! And at the time, seemed like off in the distant future. Well, we have arrived albeit a bit disappointed that we are nowhere close to that […]

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VW Future of Lighting

VW Lights Up the Future

When Audi first incorporated LED technology into their headlights, it was obvious from the beginning this was no fad. Now that every auto manufacturer has copied Audi with their own versions of LEDs in their headlights, VW comes out with their future vision of lighting technology. Once again, it will only be a matter of […]

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Ferrari F40 Tribute

Is This Ferrari F40 Tribute the Next Ultimate Poster Car?

There’s been quite the media buzz surrounding Samir Sadikhov’s rendering of his Ferrari F40 Tribute. What a way to introduce your CV to the world! Kudos.. Conceptual drawings, for better or for worse, are far from what an actual model may come to look like; However, with Samir’s experience in automotive design, bringing his concept […]

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