VW 3-D Printing Center

VW Builds Into the Future With New 3D Printing Center

Now that VW has announced the opening of their new 3-D printing center at their Wolfsburg facility, it’s a good time to take a look at where 3-D printing technologies are, currently. The center brings “the most highly advanced generation of 3-D printers to the Volkswagen Group“. Partnering with HP, VW plans to 3-D print […]

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VW Future of Lighting

VW Lights Up the Future

When Audi first incorporated LED technology into their headlights, it was obvious from the beginning this was no fad. Now that every auto manufacturer has copied Audi with their own versions of LEDs in their headlights, VW comes out with their future vision of lighting technology. Once again, it will only be a matter of […]

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2019 VW T-Roc R

2019 VW T-Roc R Testing on the Ring

Never thought I’d see the day where the words “SUV” and “track” were used in the same sentence. Our brethren ‘spies-on-the-ground’ have caught the new 2019 VW T-Roc R SUV testing on Germany’s Nurburgring track. Looks that kill, utility of an SUV and track prowess to rival most JDM sportscars, what more could you ask […]

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Audi S3 DSG vs VW Golf R 6-speed

Audi S3 DSG vs VW Golf R 6-Speed

This is a tough one. Fun factor vs street domination. Human touch vs artificial intelligence? Well, we probably all know by now the outcome of the race. But, for a purest, is this proof enough to get rid of the 3rd pedal? The Audi S3 with DSG clearly dominates over the VW Golf R 6-speed […]

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Volkswagen Up!

No, we’re not talking about a scoreboard, the Volkswagen Up! is a replacement for the Fox that may be coming to the states. This little Fiat 500 and Smart ForTwo competitor could be the next little city car you see running around. Currently in Europe, it has VW’s 3 cylinder 1-liter engine. Good for the streets of Europe, but […]

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VW GTI Cabriolet

Golf GTI Cabriolet to be announced in Geneva

About this time last year, I remember getting all excited after seeing the concept for the MK6 Golf Cabriolet. I read two articles about how it was “coming soon”; But, then there was radio silence for the better part of a year. Now, we are hearing rumors of the Cabriolet coming again. It seems that Volkswagen is […]

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Appreciation of a well ‘stance’ car has no language or boundaries; And the guys from Rub’n’Roll of Russia prove that over and over with their collection of videos rivaled only by the boys of AWOL. These videos bring together excellent music, great effects and a mix of interesting cars not always seen. Rub’n’Roll’s unique take […]

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Build Your Own 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

(Source: vw.com) Volkswagen has recently added to their online configurator the all new, redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. There has been a lot of chatter around the redesign of this new model. Probably the most famous and most widely accepted Volkswagen model ever sold, the Beetle has seen many faces over the years. From air-cooled to […]

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Mk6 Golf Video

Another quality video coming to us from across the pond. Ireland’s own I Love Bass crew has done it again featuring Paul McLaughlin’s mk6 Golf. Although at first glance you might assume this hatch is sitting on air, it’s not. A set of Eibach Pro Street-S coilovers does the job in conjunction with a set of Rotas that gives […]

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