Based off the fantastic Ferrari F12tdf underpinnings, this “special” one-off Ferrari SP3JC is indeed special. Let’s address the bombastic livery only a mother could love. It reminds me of pre-road trip prep where you go to town with blue tape. Not the look you want to drive around in all the time!

Ferrari cleverly absconds from the matter with one simple statement: “The striking one-off makes an important and individual styling statement and represents the outcome of over two years of intense work, with close involvement from the client throughout the process.”

As for the rest of the transformation, I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t get much better. The treatment of the hood is hideous. Gone are the F12tdf Great White like side gills on the rear quarter panels and the functional aero channels so meticulously integrated into the body panels. Why, just why?

Here’s a short video to make you forget you ever saw the SP3JC:

I forgive you Ferrari!


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